A project by Caterina Locati


The environment in which you live and work can influence your emotions, your relationships, your well-being, every moment.

(and the cause is also in what you don't see...)

Infinity Building Project is a project by Caterina Locati.

It proposes a new and evolved philosophy of living, which originates from some principles of quantum physics and epigenetics.

The aim is to help people significantly improve their quality of life through a more evolved relationship with themselves and with the environment in which they live.

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD,

World-renowned cell biologist and author of the bestsellers "The biology of belief" and "The honeymoon effect", shares and supports this philosophy.

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"The most important advance in science today is the field of epigenetics, the science of how environment  controls gene activity. Rather tahn being "victims" of our heredity, we are able to control our genetics expression by designing environments that support and enhance health and wellbeing.

It is profoundly important that architecture be infused with a biologica foundation by which design supports the life and livehood of the public.

Toward this end, I fully endorse the efforts of Caterina Locati, for her insight an efforts are fully in line with creating environments that nourish the hearth, mind and souls of individuals while helping them manifest their fullest potential.

Infinity Building Project

is for...

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Those who wish to access new levels of well-being thanks to their home or workplace

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Architects who wish to improve the profession in an advanced way, through a path of personal growth.


Owners of real estate assets or important accommodation facilities, who want to give a positive impulse to the sale, or differentiate themselves from competitors for advanced wellness services and emotional communication.


"It's the environment, stupid!"

(Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief")

The environment has an effect on man, certainly this not something new.

With my philosophy I intend to confirm and enrich this truth with new hypotheses and ideas, useful for those who want to improve their lives thanks to an evolved interaction with their home or workplace.

Everything starts from a deeper knowledge of oneself, of one's personal power, and of some important dynamics of the man-environment relationship, which originate from quantum and epigenetic physics.

What we can do together


  • Individual sessions of PSYCH-K®

  • Workshop "The 5D house" (so far only in Italian)

Are you a curious and open-minded person, do you love your home or would you like to love it even more and make it give you what you need most to be fully happy, healthy and fulfilled?

Don’t think that you will be required to radically change furnishings, structures, colors or layouts. This approach works initially on another level of intervention.


  • Very unusual courses and workshops (currently only in Italy)

  • Personal growth sessions (with PSYCH-K®, in English and Italian)

Many architects today want to improve one or more areas of their work.

The simplest solutions consist in discovering, within themselves, resources so far unexplored and accessing new business areas.


  • Identification and activation of the hidden potential of the building (= new value), to increase saleability or turnover.

  • Support the development of communication on new, emotional, evolved levels, in order to increase the perceived value of the property.


Over time, buildings can absorb invisible but powerful information that can determine, for example,their saleability, attractiveness, appeal. Discovering these factors can be crucial if you want to boost sales or business.


Personal growth sessions (with PSYCH-K®)


"Throughout history, people of every culture have assumed that the environment influences behavior.

Today modern science is confirming that human actions, thoughts and feelings are shaped not only by genes and neurochemistry, by history and relationships, but also from the environment that surrounds us"

Winifred Gallagher, The Power of Place

Who I am

When I was a child, when they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I don't remember what I used to answer.

I started Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic to follow in my parents' footsteps, and to continue the firm they would want me to grow over time. I didn't know yet that one day I would disappoint their dream, to follow mine.

After graduating, I spent three more years in studying and researching, because I decided to attend the Research Doctorate, again at the Milan Polytechnic.

Then, here I am finally ready to be "the full time Architect". Planning, DL, consultancy for some important certification companies, and construction technical control (Certiquality, Talento Consulting, R.I.N.A. Consulting) were my main activities.

I also took the opportunity to study new issues, and became LEED AP, a professional figure specialized in a very important international sustainability standard. This was a wonderful opportunity to stand out by doing something very innovative.

However, while giving the best of me and achieving excellent results, I felt that I had to do something new.

At the end of 2008 my brother Duccio proposed me to follow a course of which he himself was an instructor. It was the Basic Course of PSYCH-K®, a simple and effective personal growth technique for transforming beliefs at the subconscious level, "files" deposited in our mind that can hinder the achievement of the goals we care about most. I immediately appreciated the technique, so much so that I immediately decided to attend the following courses: the Advanced course, HWP (Health and Wellness Program) and PER-K (PSYCH-K® applied to business).

PSYCH-K® immediately allowed me to work on myself, to enhance certain skills of mine.

From this “brand-new me“ came one day, in 2010, a very imaginative question:

"Is there something new to discover in buildings?

Something that could makes us feel divinely good?"

A  question is always followed by an answer, which I received, condensed into very powerful intuition. I understood what my greatest goal was, what I had to pursue: transforming my profession into another profession; learning to consider buildings not as simple aggregates of building materials, but as resources ready to make us feel better, in a new way; acquire an awareness of the invisible resources hidden in the environments in which we live and work.

Understanding how the environment influences us, how we influence the environment, and how to create naturally therapeutic environments, had become my new goal to pursue.

​How can I achieve this? The knowledge I had was not enough. This is why I began to study, independently, and to carry out paradoxical - and even amusing - experiments, some of which were pseudoscientific (that is, conducted without a real scientific method but out of pure personal curiosity).

​Some experiments were successful, others pure failures.

But a very strong inner voice said that I had to keep going down that road.

​I came across quantum physics and epigenetics, which I learned in their best known principles.

I reasoned about it, asked myself many questions. I began to develop theories. I knew that these theories had to be concretized and made fruitful, so I developed procedures that I proposed to different people to put into practice, to start interacting with their home in an advanced way, and I saw, with pleasure, that my philosophy made, day by day, more and more sense.

People felt better after having understood some dynamics, previously unknown, that linked them to their home.

I realized that the more the people felt better, the more happy and satisfied I was.

These confirmations made me understand that my profession as a "classic" architect had taken a new direction.

Since 2014, therefore, I have been working, full-time, to nurture this knowledge path of mine. I continue to study - because I like it - to work on me to improve myself and to interact with people, helping them to feel better in the environments in which they live or work.

​In other words, today ...

I help people to transform in a simple and natural way, their homes or workplaces into therapeutic environments for body, mind and soul.

From 2017 I propose this philosophy to architects, through courses and workshops. In fact, I believe that the more people can benefit from this knowledge, the faster a new wave of natural and advanced well-being could develop.

Who, if not the architects, could promote an evolved vision of living? Of course, we need to be courageous architects ready for something new. I've already met several of them, fortunately.

If they were to ask me "Would you make again all the choices you made?" I would answer "Absolutely yes", because although I have gone through several moments of difficulty and despair, I have always had the strength to pursue my new dream.

Now, in my work, I feel totally satisfied and happy. I love it because it is constantly evolving, as are people, so it continues to offer me ideas to grow and improve.​

In 2018 a small publication of mine came out, created for my participation in the Exhibition at the Triennale and Milan ("999 questions on living"). The little book summarizes my personal vision on the relationship between man and building. Click here for "The beloved house", available only on Amazon. The text is bilingual (Italian and English).

In 2019 my real first book was published, "The secret life of the houses", published by Uno Editori, only in Italian.



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